2021 Tech Night Topics

11 October: Competition Judging Part Two: Open images

June: 2+=1

The June technical night (date TBC possible changes due to Covid restrictions) will cover the subject: 2+=1 Preparation for the competition set subject coming up in October.

Set Subject definition: The photograph is to be created from two or more images combined to create ONE finished image. There should be a cohesion in the combination, both from the narrative of the images to the technical skills used to create the photograph. The completed image should only use photographic source images taken by the photographer, but they could be combined and have post production in a software program, or could be created in-camera such as double exposures.


There sill be a short presentation outlining the competition definition followed by a practical session. There will be a range of scenarios to utilise the opportunity to apply the you photographic skills and creativity to a produce some interesting images.

So come along

Bring your camera gear

Have fun

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