2022 Tech Night Topics

7 November: Mobile Phone Practical Session

10 October: One Image Three Way

Starts at 7.00pm.

The following are very important guidelines for participating:

1.     Please do not change the file names – these have been set to facilitate the collation of the images when they are returned to me.

2.     Please do not change the resolution, unless your edits require it to change.

3.     Take a note of the changes you are making because you will be asked to describe these on the night. Of interest to your audience will be such aspects as: software used, filters etc applied and any crops made. In the event that you will not be able to attend the meeting, please send your edit descriptions as a word file along with your edited images.

4.     Please return your edited images to me at mrps@martinleitchphotography.com by Friday 30 September at the latest (if you can submit them earlier, that would be very helpful).

5.     Please acknowledge receipt of the images by return so that I know you have received them, thank you. Remember, this exercise is designed to help you practice your photo processing software skills and perhaps explore some new features – so I encourage you to be bold and have some fun with the images

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