20 Week Challenge

2019: This year will be a 20 week challenge

Commencing Monday 3 June – come and join the fun!

To join the challenge you will need to request membership of the group. Go to:

 www.facebook.com/groups/MRPSphoto30/ and Ronda or Deborah can approve.

This is an activity for club members only.

Aim of the Challenge


This is NOT a competition – it is just for fun


To have fun

To encourage club members to use and practice their camera skills more frequently

To encourage members to think about topics they perhaps do not usually take photographs of to expand their skill set

To allow members to get constructive feedback from others in the group regarding their images that should assist in further skill development and/or encourage other ways of seeing

To see and provide feedback on the other images entered that should also generate creative thinking

Who can enter Club members only
How to enter Up load topic images to Facebook Closed Group

W: https:www.facebook.com/groups/MRPSphoto30/

Club members will need to request membership to the closed group.

This will then be approved (as long as they are a club member) by Deborah preferably before the commencement at Week One of the challenge.

For assistance Ronda Woolgar: competition@macedon-ranges-photography.org.au

Deborah Mullins: president@macedon-ranges-photography.org.au

Time lines Weeks start on a Monday (12.01am) and finish on a Sunday (12pm)
Week One opens Monday 3 June
Last day of the challenge Sunday 20 October
Images Images should be taken only in the week (Monday to Sunday) of that topic challenge and should be uploaded to the Facebook group page no later than the Sunday 12pm end of week.
Image Size Approx 1920 x 1080px with a maximum size of 3mb

Image may include a copyright ‘the photographer’ logo

Challenge Topics


The challenge for the week will be posted on the Facebook group page two weeks before the image is due but must only be taken in the week of the challenge. This is to give participants some planning time

(Or give them all out at the beginning (less work!) but may make it too easy to fudge which week the image was taken in)

Feedback You can be as involved as much or as little as you want to be. You can ask questions about how to approach a certain challenges and get feedback from the group. You can give and provide feedback from the challenge submissions. Its up to you.
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