20 Week Challenge

2020: This year was to be a 20 week challenge – now extended due to Covid lockdown

Semester 1: Monday 13 April to Sunday 21 June

Semester 2: Monday 17 August to Sunday 25 October


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WK10  WK 11  WK12  WK 13  WK 14 WK 15  WK16  WK17 WK 18 WK 19  WK 20

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This is an activity for club members only.

Aim of the Challenge

This is NOT a competition – it is just for fun


To have fun

To encourage club members to use and practise their camera skills more frequently

To encourage members to think about topics they perhaps do not usually take photographs of to expand their skill set

To allow members to get constructive feedback from others in the group regarding their images that should assist in further skill development and/or encourage other ways of seeing

To see and provide feedback on the other images entered that should also generate creative thinking

Who can enter Club members only
How to enter Up load topic images to Cluster – see the weblink for more information about this platform.

W: https://cluster.co

Club members will receive an e-mail invitation to the closed group.  This will provide a link to Cluster and information on how to register.  Once registered, members may upload images or, if they wish, just browse and comment.

For assistance James Holgate: treasurer@macedon-ranges-photography.org.au


Time lines Weeks start on Monday (12.01am) and finish on Sunday (midnight)
Semester 1 Monday 13 April to Sunday 21 June
Semester 2 Monday 17 August to Sunday 25 October
Taking and posting images There is a two-week window for taking the image and a one-week window for posting

Images can be taken any time after the announcement of the topic but should only be uploaded to Cluster in the week after that.

Posting details Image approx 1920 x 1080px with a maximum size of 3Mb

Image may include a copyright ‘the photographer’ logo

Once the image is posted, add a comment with any title or description of the subject or the camera setting used.

Unless advised otherwise, it will be assumed that all posters would welcome constructive feedback.

Challenge Topics


The topic for the week will be posted on Cluster and advised by email to all members one week before posts open for that topic.
Feedback You can be as involved as much or as little as you want to be. You can ask questions about how to approach a certain challenges and get feedback from the group. You can give and provide feedback from the challenge submissions. It’s up to you.
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