Guest Presenters

July ’20 Mieke Boynton Landscape Photography

“I’m a specialist landscape photographer from the beautiful Alpine Valleys of North-East Victoria (Australia).I love being alone in Nature and photographing its stunning beauty. When I go out into the landscape, I try to clear my head of all the clutter and simply “listen.” I try to immerse myself in the moment and be guided by the sounds and atmosphere of that particular place. When I process my photos, I’m very careful about honouring the authentic reality of that moment.”

June ’20 Travis Easton ‘Waterfalls’ On line Presentation

“Australia’s rugged landscape is an important part of my life and over many years I have explored some of the more remote parts of it on foot, ski, kayak and rope. I usually travel alone so I can take my time capturing the essence of these places without distraction. Life slows down and after a while I feel like I begin to merge with the land, nature takes me into her confidence and changes me.”

May ’20: Andrew Thomas

As The Crow Flies by Andrew Thomas 11may2020

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