VALE: Paul Arumets

It is with great sadness that we pass on the news that Paul has passed away.
Paul and his partner Vicki joined the club at the start of 2017 and were regular attendees until Paul’s ill health prevented them.  They hosted a club outing in 2018 to their wildlife rescue shelter in Woodend and I have attached a few of photos of this, courtesy of John Spring, to bring back this memory.  You may also recall Paul’s competition entry in 2018, Orphan Eyes, that reflected his passion for wildlife.

Vicki has asked that, in lieu of flowers, people  may like to donate to their Dalli Wadthin Wildlife Shelter. Vicki has made an instagram account for Dalli Wadthin Shelter in lieu of flowers , in memory of Paul for one of his great love and passion for wildlife. If anyone would like to make a donation account details will be on the page.

Dalli Wadthin is a aboriginal word meaning Many Possums.
Wildlife Shelter, we rehabilitate Brush Tail, Sugar Glider, Ring Tail, and Feather Glider’s

Thank You Everyone

Paul Fletcher: Instagram  InstagramCity

Deborah Mullins: Deborah Mullins Photography   Facebook   Instagram

John Spring YouTUBE channel has over 100 AudioVisual productions from his own to a range of authors covering  over 10 plus years of advances in AV production and increasing camera resolution plus computer performance for showing bigger and more advanced productions.

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