August ’22 Competition Upload

How to submit your entry:

Complete the drop box information across the columns separately for each image entry you upload. Please note: Print entries will be delivered by the due date at club nights HOWEVER you still need to upload a digital version of the print to this upload site.

CATEGORIES: For this competition There are two categories:
  •  ‘Open’ subject entries: 2 EDPI and 2 PRINT
  •  ‘Set Subject’ entries: 2 EDPI and 2 PRINT
Set Subject: animals

Any non-human animal or animals. People may be included in the photograph but the main
point of interest should be the animal. Could include wildlife, zoo animals or studio portraits.
Animals include mammals, reptiles, fish, birds and others.

Image Sizing

There are rules in the upload that will reject those that don’t meet the sizing criteria – so make sure you prepare you images well and size appropriately or they will be rejected

  • Maximum dimensions: W:3840, H:2160 (Minimum 800 on longest side)
  • Maximum size: 5MB

Your image file should be named PRIOR to the upload according to the following protocol: The name of the image only – no more than 25 characters. Do not include any dates in the file name, or data such as member number, camera information, etc.  For example: TheGoldenHour.jpeg   The software adds the dates and other relevant information to the file name.

Enter this same image name in the Title box and then use the separate box for your member number.

Then be able to upload your image using the BROWSE option

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