The Club meetings are held  at Dromkeen, 1012 Kilmore Rd, Riddells Creek VIC 3431

The Macedon Ranges Photographic Society commenced as the Woodend Camera Club in 1983. It was founded by local resident Stan Fox and a number of others who where passionate about their photographic art. The Club changed it’s name in 1994 to what it is known as today and meets at 7pm on the first Tuesday of the month and the following Monday. Plus loads of other activities throughout the month.

Club Activities
Activity Details

General Meeting

 Usually held on the first Tuesday of the month (always check the calendar for specific dates). There is a $3 charge for the evening. This night host a range of activities which can vary from month to month:

 ·       Mini techs: these are usualy short presentations on either camera skills and techniques or post production techniques

·       My Style of Photography Presentation: a 20 images in 3 minutes overview by a club member showcasing new works or new techniques

·       A Digital Doctor section: with this a club member will take a previously submitted image and make suggestions on possible editing improvements using post production software– anyone can submit an image for review and discussion

·       In-House display of images submitted by club members. Submission usually alternates between print images or EDPI presentation. Print images do not need to be mounted unless you wish and there is no specific size requirement. EDPI’s should be uploaded via the website and have a file name according to judged competition standards (refer to competition documents). The aim of this activity is to encourage club members to show their work of any standard and receive friendly, constructive feeback on their images. Club members can submit two images in an ‘OPEN’ category and two images in the ‘SET SUBJECT’. Refer the to syllabus for topics and definitions

·       Four times a year there is an externally judged competition. Club members can submit two PRINT and two EDPI in an ‘OPEN’ category and two two PRINT and two EDPI in the ‘SET SUBJECT’. Refer the to syllabus for topics and definitions. There are specific size requirements for both the print and EDPI submission. If you have an ’Experienced’ club member card your entries will be scored and contribute to an overall annual aggregate. They are also eligible for achieving a ‘Commended” Highly Commended’ or ‘Winner’ status. If you have joined as ‘Novice’ club member you may still enter the compeition and you will receive the same useful feedback from the judges however your images do not get scored. Typically a club member changes from Novice to Experienced after they have entered a year of compeition or have received any of the awards.

For the InHouse and Competition entries: Prints can be brought to the designated due date (a general meeting night as per calendar). Both EDPI’s and a digital version of the print image are uploaded via the club website.


Technical Nights

Usually held on the Monday following the General Meeting (always check the calendar for specific dates). There is a $2 charge for the evening

This night host a range of activities which will be different from month to month. Topics often relate to camera skills and techniques that are useful for club compeition topics.

Club members are asked in the year preceeding what sorts of topics they would like to have. The nights may have a small presentation related to the skills and techniques being covered but the idea is for the session to be practical with hands on use of camera, lenses etc



Generally held once per fortnight

These are held in a variety of locations and are casual and a good way to practice using your camera under the guidance of more experienced club members



 At various times during the year

These are more fomalised events often with a particular focus or subject matter – this often relates to compeition topics coming up in the year.

They can be a great opportunity to take images related to these topics. Venues attended can have entry fees but there are no charges to the club itself. Any club member may attend



 Held at various times during the year

These can be half or full day workshops dependant on the topic. The location is often at the club house but this will vary if there topics require alternatives.

There is usually a small charge to attend these sessions (generally $10-20 approx) to cover additional room hire, equipment, models, handouts, etc.


Beginners group

This is a small group activity outside of the set club night activities. The aim is to assist novice club members become more familiar with the workings of their cameras

Guest judges

We endeavour to get highly experienced judges to review and provide feedback on our key competitions during the year: April, June. August, October and our End Of Year competition in December (often a panel of three judges)

Guest Speakers

When possible we invite highly experienced photographers to assist in some of our technical nights or to present on a specific topic of their expertise


Out AGM is held in August each year and there is plenty of opportunity, and we welcome interest in any members taking part in the running of the club in an official capacity. If you don’t wish to ‘be official’ there are plenty of other opportunities to take part and help the club in other ways.


The Victorian Association of Photographic Societies oversees all the camera clubs in Victoria. They host several events each year.

·       VAPS Convention: a weekend conference which club members may attend. There is a mix of lectures, workshops and outings. This event could be hosted by any of the camera clubs around Victoria and is a great way to social and visit other parts of the country

·       VAPS Interclub: At the convention all the camera club submit previously selected images to be judged at a state level.


Quad Comp

This is an annual competition between the photography clubs from Bendigo, Castlemaine, Maryborough and ourselves.

The club preselects prints and EDPI entries that are judged together with the other club entries.

Each club takes a turn in hosting the event


Other Interclub image exchanges

The club takes part in an image exchange and friendly review and critique with other club from in and outside Victoria. In recent years we have had exchanges with the Te Awamutu camera club in New Zealand and another one with Port Macquarie camera club

So if you love photography, and would like to join in on the fun, whether you are a complete novice or a fully fledged professional, we would love to hear from you. Interested in Membership? Go to the membership page for all the details


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