Weekend Walkabouts

Club members meet on a regular or sometimes casual basis – usually a Saturday or a Sunday – to explore the local regions and share their photographic skills.

More experienced club members mentor those who are still learning.

Contact the club for details of the next ramble: Email us at info@macedon-ranges-photography.org.au,  or check out the group Facebook page if you are a member.

DSC01907a MRPS Outing Hanging Rock Winery 15Feb2020 Sml

Walkabouts: please support our guidelines:  In particular, this means:

  • All members are welcome!  You can even bring a friend or partner.
  • Please confirm your attendance if you wish to attend either via email or at a meeting.  If you decide on the day, please text the co-ordinator so that they know to expect you.
  • Health and Safety is an important part of Walkabouts as we want all our members safe.  Please abide by all H&S Regulations throughout the Walkabout.
  • Please be aware of any COVID-19 or any other government/health regulations if you are attending a Walkabout.

Next Walkabout – Saturday and Sunday 23 and 24 June 2023

Silo Art Trail/Astro Photography – Overnight in Benalla

Our June Walkabout has been confirmed and an itinerary set for our overnight trip that will see us going to Shepperton, Goorambat, Devilish, St James, Benalla, Nicola, Rochester and Colbinabbin for the Silo Art with an Astro Photography session at Winton Wetlands. If you are interested you will need to book your accommodation now as is also a Motorcar event on that weekend. See here for the itinerary.

Future Walkabouts

July 2023

Our July Walkabout is a dusk/sunset opportunity at the beautiful Princes Pier. Here we hope to get pictures of the iconic piles, but also dusk and sunset shots with the various backgrounds of apartments, container movers and roads etc. It is also a great place to take photos of reflections on the ocean so keep this in mind as we have reflections coming up in future events.  This is a very popular location and I am sure you will enjoy a visit there at night for this.

Ideas for Walkabouts

If you have any ideas for Walkabouts, please let us know. We are always interested in new locations, subjects and ideas.

Previous Walkabouts

13 May 2023 – Mt Macedon – Fungi

We had a lovely day to be hunting down Fungi around the paths of Sanatorium Lake in Mt Macedon. A great turn out of people to try their luck hunting different types, sizes and colours of fungi and other interesting Forna.


Top Row – Nicky Donald

Bottom Row – Tom Templeton, Ron Matthews and David Aitken

22 and 23rd April 2023 – Maldon British Bike Rally and Rippon Lea Estate

On Sunday 23rd April 2023 11 members went to Rippon Lea Estate to take the tour through the lovely Estate house and then walk around the gardens. We lucked out on another lovely day and finished with a lovely cuppa as well. The Estate was well worth the visit!


First row – Fiona Lorkin

Second Row – Nicky Donald

Third Row – Chris Antoniou

On Saturday 22nd April 2023 we headed to Maldon to see the British Bike Rally come into town. There were plenty of interesting bikes and people to take photos of and the weather was brilliant for the day as well.


Top Row – Ron Mathews

Second Row – Don Dennett

Third Row – Colleen Mahoney

Fourth Row – James Holgate

25 March 2023 – Melbourne CBD

Top row of photos – courtesy of Nicky Donald

Second row of photos – courtesy of Ron Matthews

Third row of photos – courtesy of Sue Steward


February 2023 – Pride Parade, St Kilda

october 2022 – viewfield gardens, macedon
september 2022 – kyneton daffodil and arts festival
august 2022 – gisbourne masters football club

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july 2022 – trentham falls

20.06.20  Turpin Falls

DSC06886abc Pano Turpins Falls 20June2020 Sml

14.03.20 Paramoor Winery

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15.02.20 Walkabout to ‘Sculpture in Motion’ Hanging Rock Winery

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Next Walkabout – Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April 2023

For our April Walkabout it will be two-fold.  Firstly on Saturday 22nd April 2023 we will meet in Maldon to view the All British Rally motorcycles ride into town.  There are approx 1000 motorcycles in the Rally so we should see some really great bikes to photograph.

The second part of the April Walkabout will be a visit to Rippenlea Estate.  Here we will visit the Gardens and the Mansion.  Please note there is a small fee involved of $15.00, so we will be seeking pre-registration for this.  If we can register enough members we can get a discount on the fee and have our own guide.

Future Walkabouts

Our June Walkabout is likely to be an overnight one – here we are hoping to do a small Silo Trail trip to visit 3-5 of the silos with their beautiful artwork.  We will put out more information regarding this in due course.

Our July Walkabout is likely to be Princes Pier.  Here will will take photos of the wonderful reflections that you get at dusk/night.  This is a very popular location and I am sure you will enjoy a visit there at night for this.

Ideas for Walkabouts

If you have any ideas for Walkabouts, please let us know. We are always interested in new locations, subjects and ideas.

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