Gadgets and Other Stuff

These gadgets and other stuff are items that club members have found useful. There are always other products that perform similar tasks. If club members have any other personal recommendations please email the webmaster for inclusion in the list.

Black Rapid Double Camera Harness

For those times you may wish to take two cameras and have then readily availble. Deborah (and Cherry) have used them on tours when there is a need to have both a wide angle for landscapes and a big zoom option on separate cameras so the need to constantly change lenses not required

Lensbaby Series of lenses and other gadgets

Lensbaby products can provide an interesting alternative to standard lens. They can distort, blur and provide other in-camera effects that offer something a little different. The options are vast and a look at their website will showcase that many effects possible

NSI focusing rail.

This is an easy to use rail for taking a series of images for macro stacking. Price is ~$200.00, but if people search for it, they’ll typically find it on sale for around $150.00 – $170.00.


A small plug in device that enables you to control the shutter on your camera. Can be used for timelapse, HDR, start trails & much more. Cost around $50 – 150.000. depending on the model. It only works with Nikon cameras, whereas I thought it was also compatible with Canon.

Tether Tools

Essential item for seeing your images immediately on your computer. Great for still life or portrait shoots – allows full screen assessment for detailed adjustments.

The Plamp

Need to hold a stem or flower still? This may be of use especially for indoor still life photography

Think Tank

Rain hood for DSL and mirrorless cameras. Used very effectively by Deborah in torrential rain on Macquarie Island and by Colleen during a recent horse event where it rained all day.

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