For Sale

Occasionally club members will have photographic items for sale. The club takes no responsibility for the quality or price of these items. We will only unite buyer will seller.

Currently for sale: Selection Of Phones

Model Size Colour Price
iPhone 7 256 Gb Silver $275.00
iPhone 6 (2 off) 64 Gb Rose gold $150.00
iPhone 5 64 Gb Black $125.00
iPhone 5 16 Gb Black $80.00
iPhone 4 16 Gb Black $60.00
Samsung Galaxy S7 32 Gb Black $200.00

These phones are all in very good to excellent condition and have been reset to factory settings. They are ideal as:

  • A replacement or spare phone.
  • A 2nd handset.
  • Another camera for that quick shot.
  • A remote camera release. There are several apps that allow you to do this. I use phones for this purpose for macro and lunar photography. Some apps allow complete control of the camera, including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, bracketing & stacking, and even have focus peaking.
  • A music server for car or home. I use an old phone with my digitized library in my car instead of a CD player.

Contact David on 0419 589 425 or

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